Interactive Visualization Platform for Real Estate and Interiors

Housepecker is an AI powered and cloud based 3D modeling software

Visualise your projects on every platform and learn your customer's preferences.

HousePecker designs every space plan that you share with us. With 3D interactive tours and personalization, your customers will live in the space.


Real Estate Marketing

HousePecker creates an immersive 3D experience for your customers to explore real estates anywhere smoothly, view from every aspect and experience spaces not just as they are, but as they could be.


Online Listing for Architects

Create cost-effective solutions for pre-render process and grant you with a privilege to prototype and adapt faster before rendering your masterpieces.


Interactive and Data Centric

Know your data, know your customers. Find out your customer's preferences with our tracking system.

Be Everywhere, Anytime

Marketing with no limits. With our cross-platform integration system present your property all over the world 7/24.

Real-Time Furnishing

No more stereotype show flats, let your customers design their dream space real time on the web.

Plug in for E-commerce

Our 3D auto-generation system and Housepecker plugin give your e-commerce website a new way ofsales.

Your Space Library

Let your customers experience their dreams with simple clicks via perfect integration tools on your platform.


Enjoy multi-platform and multi-dimension integrations.

Special URL

Share your spaces and designs with everyone.


You can plug your designs into your website with a basic copy-paste.

3d Implementation

We are automatically generating all 3D assets.